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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Riding our bikes on the Pueblo River Trail

Pueblo, Colorado is home to the CF&I Steel Mill where my dad spent 40 years mostly in the drawing room of the wire mill. When I had children of my own, we would spend summers at the Lake Pueblo swim beach. We now try to ride the river trail at least once a year when we are in Colorado. It gets pretty warm in the summer months so we opt for spring or fall.
The round trip ride along the river is bout 30 miles that is pretty flat but the wind can blow and make it feel like up hill. When we passed the dam, there is a new fish hatchery so we checked out the trout. Actually, I was more interested in resting before the climb to the south marina and campground.
We like to stop at Coyotes at the Greenway Nature Center but it turned out the be closed. After a Cliff Bar, we rode back to downtown to find some food. We get into a habit when we find a good place to eat. This made us venture out and find a place in the Union District. < a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_GvuTrIqRic/VTg4l346JBI/AAAAAAAAAU4/pAvgx5DYCVo/s1600/pueblo.jpg" imageanchor="1" > We sent to the revitalized Union Station area and watched to see which restaurant had the most people leaving since it was almost 2pm and decide to try DC's on B Street and was pleasantly surprised. Pueblo is a Latino community with a strong Italian influence and was reflected in the food. Of course, you can get Pueblo chiles on any thing you order.

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