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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marti Gras iin San Antonio, TX

Texas is one big state and since it takes a while to get through it, we thought we should see the Riverwalk.
After lots of walking, we stopped for lunch on the riverwalk to wait for the parade down the river.
We got lots of beads that we passé along to the kids so they wouldn't fall into the water.
The bands were playing and people dancing. Could be the cerveza.
We ended with seeing the Alamo. It seemed so small. But I guess everything is so big now and the work to build it puts it in better perspective. At the end of the day, We hopped back on the bus that took us back to the campground which was very nice. The next morning it was time to be on our way since I have to be in Asheville to start my new job for 3 months.

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