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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall in Vermont and bridges

Mike is from Vermont and would always tell me how different the fall was there than Colorado. But the window for the viewing of the colors was short.
We flew into Burlington and picked up some bikes and rack at a local shop before heading to Rutland to see his family.
Then we stopped along the way at farmer's markets to get some homemade apple pie. Of course, we had to sample the cookies with the maple topping. But we always seem to feel the bike riding makes up for what we eat. Maybe not.


  1. Rutland is our favorite part of Vermont! We spent a lot of time camping there when we lived in Upstate NY many years ago.

    1. Mike is from Rutland and it is beautiful. His family had a dairy farm when he was young. We are going back next summer and hope to go to Upstate New York in the fall this time.