"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hwy 101 is a great place to ride a bike and we found a street fair going on. There are plenty of street fairs around. Carlsbad has the largest in the country twice a year. Oceanside has one downtown every Thursday with music at night.

Walking and riding our bikes to get around the area is much more pleasant than driving. We had decided to take a walk and find someplace to have lunch and stopped in a small Peruvian Restaurant to look at the menu. A lady sitting nearby said it was very good and we should stay. We did and were so glad.  Once we sat down, a couple next to us overheard us trying to figure out what to order and recommended what they had. The pork chicharron with sweet potato slices, red onion and cilantro in lime juice on a cibatta and  the lomito, tender beef in soy sauce with sautéed tomato, red onion and red pepper. I guess you can tell we were happy. They visited with us about the area and places we had to try. Looks like there is going to be some good eating going on here.

Now that is a bike lane.

Our version of Colorado Springs Cycling Club's Latte Ride.

Our life has taken so many twists and turns. We have been a bit reflective as we begin to make more changes in our life. Sometimes while at work, I get overwhelmed by how a life can change in an instant. I am so thankful that Mike has been willing and mostly an eager participant in the "wild hairs" that pop into my brain and indulges me.
I came home from work a few days ago, Mike looked at me as if had he had a revelation or at least a deep thought. I had been planning to have a part time job over the winter and he said maybe I should just quit doing the nurse job after this contract and just see where the wind blows us. I am good with hoisting the sails. Hoping for gentle winds with happy and teary eyes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Old Town San Diego

As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now for the rest of the story."  Actually, just the rest of our day in San Diego.

The sailor and nurse outside the Embarcadero. It was funny to watch a huge group of Japanese tourists shuffling around to get a good picture.

It is normal cruise ship procedure to conduct a full scale lifeboat exercise every month, where they simulate emergency conditions and technical teams practice operational procedures.  When I was placed on a team before my maiden cruise as a nurse, my team was on the side of the ship in which a lifeboat that was launched into Boston Harbor. we went round and round for an hour. While  having a cup of tea here in San Diego, the Holland America ship was doing just that. I am sure glad that job was short lived.

We boarded the train to return to Old Town San Diego.

Union Station, also known as the “Santa Fe Depot,” has served residents and visitors to San Diego for almost 100 years. Located in the heart of downtown near the cruise ship piers and other bayside attractions, the station anchors the larger Santa Fe Place,

By the time we arrived in Old Town, we were getting pretty hungry. We just picked a touristy looking place (The Rocking Baja) and with a self serve chips and salsa bar with different salsas, mango, black bean, pico, etc. Then we shared some pretty good fajitas.

A little entertainment in Old Town.

While waiting for our train, we were entertained by a duo having a video recorded at the stop.

Working in California as a traveling nurse is not a bad thing.  They have strict laws about breaks and many of the hospitals are union. There is always a nurse who is designated to give everyone a break and a lift team to move the patients. This saves on the back of the nurse and makes sure that patients get their much needed turns and care. I am getting better at realizing this may be my last contract as an ICU nurse. Where did the last 40 years go? It seemed just a short time ago that I was the young one. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

San Diego, CA

Driving on I-5 in So California can be a  trying and exhausting 30 miles between Oceanside and San Diego.  After the drive to La Jolla a few days previously, we thought the train might be a good plan. In our travels, we have found that public transportation can be easier than figuring out where to go and not have to find a place to park. This turned out to be true this day.

Oceanside is the most northern stop on the Coaster with an option to take Amtrak. We found a cozy seat on the ocean side on the upper level since the train was empty when we boarded.

Arriving at the Santa Fe station after a relaxing 45 minute ride.

This train station has been in use for 100 years.

The old tiles still nicely preserved.

There several stations around to rent a B bike.

Midway is the longest serving aircraft carrier and now a museum.

Fishermen selling the daily catch.

 The legacy of Bob Hope is commemorated by a major sculptural artwork titled “A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military,” On Waterfront park on Port tidelands, with  views of San Diego Bay, the National Salute is a tribute to not only Bob Hope but to the servicemen and women he entertained over the years.
We listened to recordings of Bob Hope entertaining the troops back in the day as we walked through the statues.

Seaport Village is a nice place to walk and take in the views of Coronado Island. There are plenty of places to shop and eat. We just enjoyed watching the boats float by.

I have finished my first two weeks of work which are always the most tiring of the contract. The first week is orientation and second just figuring out the flow and where things are. Mike is getting things figured out on how he will do things here while I am working my 3 shifts a week. When we first started our travels, we were maniacs on my days off. We thought we had to see everything on my days off and go nonstop. Now we just enjoy the area and plan when we will see the must dos on our list. He used to find a job and we would have to work around our schedules to fit it all in. Now he is the house spouse and that is pretty nice for both of us.